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Cornville Casitas

Cornville Casitas

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Check-Out Instructions


Upon Check-out please:


  1. Dispose of any extra food you have left in the refrigerator and freezer, you can leave the basics that were already in there i.e. Mustard, mayo, ketchup, etc. 

  2. Put all the rest of any dirty dishes in the dishwasher and start the dishwasher before you leave.

  3. Please empty bathroom trashcans as well as the kitchen trash and take out to trash bin.

  4. Leave the home in picked up condition.  The cleaning service will be in after your check-out to prepare the house for future guest’s arrivals including washing linens, and sanitizing but not to pick up items left around the house or do any unwashed dishes. There will be extra charges according to the rental agreement if you are not compliant.

  5. Lock up all doors and windows and remember to hit the lock button on the front door pad when you depart.

  6. We hoped you enjoyed staying at Cornville Casitas. Have a safe trip home!

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