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Cornville Casitas

Cornville Casitas

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General Information



High-speed wireless internet access is available, refer to the framed picture on the wall upon check in.

  • Cell reception is very spotty at the property so we recommend you connect to the Wifi and use Wifi calling on your phone.

  • The washing machine is a High Efficiency machine (HE) so make sure if you buy laundry detergent it has that designation.

  • Ironing – There is an ironing board and iron in the bedroom closet.



  • Please be considerate if you brought a pet. Do not let pets on the furniture.  If there is evidence that they have been on the furniture you will be charged according to the pet addendum you signed.  

  • A reminder of the pet addendum, pets are required to be crated if left alone in the property.


Bedroom & Bathroom

  • There are clean sheets on the beds and clean bath towels in the bathroom 

  • Toilets - Please keep items to only human waste and toilet paper in the toilets.  The house is connected to a septic system and is sensitive to items that do not belong in the septic.  We want to avoid any interruption of plumbing services during your stay.



  • Parking – You can park your car in the covered driveway. If you have a second car with you, you can park next to the driveway in the grass.

  • Trash can be taken out to the trash bin in the covered driveway. If your stay is longer than 3 days you’ll need to take the trash to the big trash bins at the entrance of the property right off Cornville Rd. 

  • Please take note of the neighbor to the north of the property with cattle and horses. They have an electric fence surrounding their land. Please watch children while outside.



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